You'll Treasure Every Moment With Our Skilled Staff

You'll Treasure Every Moment With Our Skilled Staff

Metal detector sales, service and repair in Plainwell, Michigan

Are you searching for a new hobby? Why not make a hobby out of searching? Metal detectors give anyone the ability to become a treasure hunter. Pro Stock Metal Detectors sells, services and repairs metal detectors in Plainwell, Michigan. Come to our brick-and-mortar shop for all the latest and greatest equipment for your search.

We have some of the most popular models in stock, so you can embark on a treasure hunt without a single worry about your equipment. Come and discover a new hobby - find the right multi-task metal detector for your needs at our shop in Plainwell, Michigan.

Learn the best tricks and tips for your new metal detector

Not only do we sell and service metal detectors, but we also help you learn to use them. Many new detectors have a range of specific features, most of which are hard to understand for beginners and experts alike. A member of our staff will:

  • Break down the different modes and features of the equipment
  • Offer tips and tricks to make the most use of your detector
  • Guide you to different books and reading materials for your success

We have equipment from White's, Garrett, Minelab, Tesoro, Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Teknetics, Detector Pro, XP Deus, Falcon and many other brands. Find the right top-of-the-line detector for your search today!