Al runs the place and is very knowledgeable, if you're going to buy a metal detector buy from him he stands behind them.


Richard Root

I stopped in recently to get some info for my boyfriend who wants to buy an underwater metal detector for scuba diving. Al was really helpful and informative. He explained things in a way I could understand, and gave me info on the options for underwater detectors to give to my boyfriend. He was really knowledgeable and there was a really good selection in the store.


Jamie Erbes

Picked up my first metal detector today. Didn't know anything about them he was very helpful in showing me a good detector to start with. Got home and played with if for about 20 mins and found a old dog leash latch about 3" down. Would recommend anyone looking to get started to stop here


David J Door

Al, Thank you for spending so much time with us. Especially as you are not feeling well. You were kind and patient sharing your expertise and experience. I am very excited about my 33rd wedding anniversary gift from the hubs! We are looking forward for future excellent hunting adventures. Hope you feel better soon.


Tammy Scanio Smith

I stopped by with my old MXT that on occasion would act up. I was going to send it to the factory to get checked out to the tune of $80. A quick bench test and his years of experience he figured moisture had been the culprit. Saved $80s. A little out of my way, I'm up by Traverse City and the next time I'm down that way visiting my buddy I plan on spending more time in that wonderful little shop. Thanks Al.


Douglas Maginity

Traveling through the area so I stopped in to check the store out. To my wife's surprise, walked out with an AT Pro! Talking to Al was more like talking to an old friend then a salesman. Very knowledgeable and kind. Great experience. Will be back.


Cody Kastl

Al is Great, First time at the store and definitely will be back. Well worth the drive from Newaygo. Great Deal on my new Garrett AT Pro also!


Dave Russell

Great service and selection, this is the place to go. Al is knowledgeable and an all around great guy.


Ben Risdon

Service, knowledge, honesty, quality, friendliness are all 10 star rating but only have 5. I have NEVER been disappointed in any way with any dealings with Pro-Stock. Al has so much knowledge, my wife says "I am waiting for his head to explode".


Pete Peters

Pro-stock has helped me on several occasions with a variety of things from repair, replacement, new sales to just plain old honest advice. Al is a treasure to the metal detecting community and I would recommend this business to anyone. Honest, helpful, fair. DON"T BUY ONLINE! GO TO PRO-STOCK! BUY LOCAL!!! Everybody is an expert on the internet but nobody is held accountable!


Rob Knolle

Al is an amazing wealth of knowledge and will help anyone with any questions they have. He will help you make the correct decision for the gear best suited for your situation and budget. I highly recommend this store and it's worth a drive if you're a little farther away. If he doesn't have it in stock, he can probably have it fast.


Ted Mattingly

I've had a cheap Harbor Freight metal detector for a while and used it until I became familiar enough with metal detecting to know that I was interested enough to spend the money to get a "real one".

I am fortunate enough to live 10 minutes away from a full service metal detector store, so I would be a fool to not at least check it out, and I'm glad I did!

First think you will likely notice is not the metal detectors, but that the store is practically a time capsule of all kinds of treasures, many things unique to Michigan, but all 100% Americana and a testament to Al's decades of experience. Then the metal detectors, shovels, books, gold pans, more metal detectors, pick axes, more gold mining stuff, headphones, pouches, If they dont have it, you dont need it.

Seldom have I been in there when it wasn't busy, and Al takes the time to give each customer his full attention. He has big poster drawings that explain different things, all kinds of different metal things tho demonstrate how a certain detector works and seems to know the strengths, weaknesses, limitations, etc of every machine he sells, and takes the time to help someone pick out a machine that is best for them.

He is an honest man.

Lastly, the prices of everything I I was looking for was right on par with Amazon, and he let me do a layaway. Knowing what I know now, I cant imagine why anyone within a reasonable distance would even consider buying one someplace else.


Paul Rutgers